The Brewdoun team visited the LoCo Hangar Fest this past weekend and enjoyed delicious craft beer, great music, and good eats.

Once again it was confirmed: Loudoun County has the best beer in the world. Are we biased? Or are our palates especially honed to understand nobody does craft brews like LC?

Hard to say, but more tourists are pouring in from DC, nearby counties, and out of state to tour Brew-doun County. And they are most certainly leaving with satisfied beer bellies.

At Old 690 Brewing Company, Darren Gryniuk, Co-Owner of the location, was serving their Stoner Point Smoked ale brewed with Cherrywood smoked malt, Rauchbier style. The beer left a remarkable impression, along with Darren’s wide smile and enjoyable company. It was like being right at home at the farm brewery…all we needed was the warm crackling fire.

Adrien Widman, Owner of Ocelot Brewing Company, was a happy sight as he served up Fooling Around, a stellar IPA and their bourbon aged porter, Powers of Observation. Normally myself and Matt Leonard (Brewdoun’s Chief Flight Taster) will drive to the opposite end of the county just to get an Ocelot fix. Here at the hangar we only had to walk a few steps. The official ruling is in and um, yep, ok, it’s still really good. He, he.

Solace Brewing Company was sharing their lush DIPA, Lucy Juicy. I was grateful for a taste since it had already been a few days since my last Solace sippage. (A girl could go through withdrawal.) I thoroughly enjoyed their other infamous DIPA, Leg Day, at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema a few nights past. Jon Humerick, Co-Founder, along with his adorable wife, manned the stand, making a great team. Matt tried their honey pumpkin lager, She Made Me, and loved its light, spicy character.

Though the bathroom lines got a bit long at one point, folks were in great spirits, watching the corn hole tournament provided by Old Ox Brewery while swinging in line to divine jams by Justin Trawick and The Common Good. Thanks Justin!

Justin Trawick and the Common Good

Justin Trawick and the Common Good

And back to more beer…let’s welcome B Chord Brewing Company to our ranks! Their smooth, creamy, chocolate stout with crème de cacao had a dry finish and was a real treat! Vanish Farmwoods Brewery had their American amber classic, Waves, a perfect session ale with no bitterness. Over at the Barnhouse Brewery tent, Matt tried their Quarter Horse Porter, which was also bourbon barrel aged. With a mellow, creamy flavor, and a hint of chocolate and vanilla, it was instant love. Um…hello? Remember me, Matt…your wife? Nope, he’s a goner.

Adroit Theory Brewing Company had a couple samplings offered up if one is willing to travel to the dark side for a hellacious beer. If not, then as your mom and dad once told you about those veggies: You don’t know what you’re missing! EBK (Down to Die Edition), their DIPA (Ghost 615) had grapefruit and tropical fruit notes with dank, earthy overtones and a dry finish. Brewdoun encourages you to at least dip your toes in the lake of hellfire for a brief taste. Bwahaha!

Virginia HipNecks played in the afternoon, a classic rock and blues band that had the feet tapping and the warm blood pumping for the cool weather. Perfect!

Over at Popcorn Monkey, the folks aided me in selecting the ideal popcorn to snack on. All of their products are gluten free and I decided to get one savory, one sweet, to bring back to the house and share with two hungry teen boys. I was recommended the sea salt and cracked black pepper and dark chocolate sea salt. Lish-of-del people. Did I say I was planning to share it with the kids?

At the Churrology stand, even though there were many delectable dips and toppings available, Matt devoured a simple churro. It was crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside with copious amounts of cinnamon…nom, nom, nom.

Blackfinn Ameripub also had various sliders available with macaroni and cheese. They offer a full menu at their location. Check it out!

Black Hoof Brewing Company was spoiling us with some of their German beers. I was asking a gentleman in line how to pronounce the latter beer, a Cold Trail Schwarzbier, and though we never got to the bottom of it, (nothing to do with all those samples I was enjoying…whose shlurring about the Schwarzbier?) it was quite delectable. The Full Quiver Marzen was also impressive, malty and perfectly balanced like a recipe concocted on a tightrope. Impressive work Brewmaster Bill!

Belly Love Brewing Company was featuring My Bitter X, a crisp and citrusy IPA that is way better to stick in your mouth than well, your ex. Quattro Goomba’s Head Brewer, Chris Jacques, was there serving up Dark Vader, a black IPA. Matt felt it was like drinking a malty ale with hops over top, a unique and enjoyable sipping experience.

We chat with Dean Lake, Brewmaster and Founder over at Dog Money Restaurant and Brewery, and sipped on his Hostile Extraction IPA. The sun was setting in the windows behind the hangar. The air had a bite to it, night was falling, but the beer was toasty and bit bigger and better, thanks to Dean.

Crooked Run Brewing was my happy place as always, pouring those IPA’s. At the festival was their top-notch sour IPA, Raspberry Empress, and the Sun and Moon IPA made from a unique yeast strain. Lee Rogan, Owner and Head Brewer, was manning the stand and I was informed Jake Endres, his partner was back at home base. Of course my imagination frolicked about and happily filled in the details. Is he creating more ‘lish IPA’s? Hurry up Lee! You must hasten to go aid him! …Hang on though. One more sample. Okay. Now you may leave.

As if all this great food and beer wasn’t enough, a beautiful cause was at the center of this event. Wholehearted Foundation has the vision of providing the kind of short-term assistance that will make a long-term impact for families whose child or children receive cardiac care at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, DC. They have modeled their organization to offer help in the same way a whole heart has four chambers, supporting families in four unique ways: spiritually, financially, relationally, and through program awareness. So amazing. If you still would like to donate, feel free to visit their website and learn more!

Get Involved

The event was maxed out with a thousand tickets sold. With sixteen breweries all working together, it was particularly awesome to see so many of the owners and head brewers in attendance. The brewing community is a friendly environment where everyone works together.

Someone please adopt me.

Kidding…mostly. Just serve me a beer when I show up!

A special thanks is extended to the event committee for putting together a successful event. We are all especially grateful to ProJet Aviation for allowing us the use of the hangar!

Eric Pearson, President of Pearson Smith realty, shared his thoughts on his company’s sponsorship of the event with “Being involved in the community is our livelihood, but giving back is one of our priorities. The idea of people being able to enjoy craft beer but also pay it forward seemed like a BIG win for everyone involved! We were proud to be a sponsor and to have had the opportunity to help plan this much anticipated event.”

On that note, thank you to all our fabulous sponsors. See the list below. We look forward to next year!

Title Platinum Sponsors:
ProJet Aviation
Pearson Smith realty
Loudoun County Economic Development
Visit Loudoun
Home Savings & Trust
The Satre Group
DBI Architects, Inc.
Main Street Bank