It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, man or woman, flying solo or with friends: One can find just about anything wandering down 21st street. It reminds me of Jack’s Run Brewing Company. Surrounded by an eclectic collection of shops from a bazaar to hardware store, Eric Mathewson, co-owner of the location, puts it best: they’re all about bringing community together.

Matt Leonard, Chief Flight Taster at, joined me in my visit to the local hot spot, falling in love with their craft beer. Their Mornin’ Joe Oatmeal Stout was vibrant all the way through and delectably sweet. Jack’s Irish Red was a great session ale with lower alcohol content. We highly recommend it for those that want a divine drink-it-all-day-long-beer. Ain’t no shame in that game, folks. Jack’s Magic IPA has five different hops and was very hoppy. It reminded Matt of a West Coast IPA (think Green Flash) and we recommend one stops in for a taste! Their Berry White Razberry Wit was a fruit forward wheat ale with a dry finish.

Drooling yet?

Jack’s Run is also featuring their Happy Ending Cream Ale. It is so smooth, delicious, and hey, they are promising a happy ending! They’ve also created the Afterburner Mango-Habanero IPA with a mild burn on the front and back end. This is a unique beer one won’t find just anywhere that is a real treat.

Jack's Run Beer Sampler

Jack’s Run Beer Sampler

Jack’s Run is managing to deliver some top-notch beers. When I asked Matt what his favorite brews were he had a difficult time answering.

If one wants a bite to eat, they have food available from Big Mike’s BBQ. Hot wings, brisket, or pulled pork are available. They also have local sausage (made with their oatmeal stout) goat cheese, and pretzel roll snack boxes for their customers.

Pints and Paint Jack's Run Brewing

Artwork from “Pints and Paint”

Something is always going on at Jack’s Run Brewing Company since they truly do love bringing community together. There’s Paint and a Pint on Fridays and Pints and Poses on Saturdays. If one enjoys yoga or painting, it’s a perfect time to join them. Every Saturday afternoon they have live music and Open Mic Night is often happening on Fridays.

The location is also incredibly iconic with the history of John E Benedum, a Confederate soldier that returned home to Purcellville after fighting in many battles (including Gettysburg) and ultimately constructed the building that is now Jack’s Run in 1908. There is a photograph of a third generation Benedum that can be seen at the brewery. There have also been longtime whisperings of the building being haunted and intriguing tales can be shared over a glass of ale.

Not much for history? We at Brewdoun will simply direct you back to their stellar beer. You can always make your own history by simply being in the moment, in the heart of Purcellville, at Jack’s Run Brewery.

Owners of Jack’s Run Brewing Company: Eric Mathewson and Al Bosco

**A special thank you to Eric Mathewson for meeting with us on a busy Saturday afternoon!


Jack’s Run Brewing
108 N 21st St,
Purcellville, VA 20132
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