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JULY, 2017


With great risk, comes great reward but also at Crooked Run Brewing…with Strength and Honor, comes a top notch IPA.

Jake Endres, co-owner of the establishment, applied for a hundred plus jobs without results before tossing his political science degree to the curb and embracing his inner entrepreneur. He met his partner, Lee Rogan, working in construction. Lee was positively instrumental in getting the operation smoothly launched in just three months. Two of the youngest brewers in Loudoun County, they struck out on their own after no one in the industry would hire them.

Anyone that takes the time to speak to Jake will understand why he’s not a big fan of idealizing success. The journey is hard work and sacrifice with unexpected detours. It’s impossible to not feel a measure of inspiration from him and Lee however.

The locals are big fans of Crooked Run.

Crooked Run & Señor Ramon’s

Photograph by Matt Leonard

Jake shared the growth has been slow and organic but the brewery is involved in distributing, has two locations, and owns a ten-barrel system now. Also a blogger (soon to be featured on Jake posts on their website about the beer industry while also keeping his customers up to date with what’s on tap.

The phrase Seek Truth, Cherish Nature can be found on their site. Jake shared with me the theme behind Crooked Run is 19th century Romanticism. At the time of conception he was living in an older home in the country with a stream (called Crooked Run) flowing behind his property.

Complimenting this, there are designs sketched by local artist, Mike Honig, to aid in one’s beer selection. I was a personal fan of this because I felt like I was getting more than beer: I was getting an experience. This appeals to the fantasy-reading-nerd-out-to-some-Game-of-Thrones-gal in me.

Mike Hong’s depiction of Crooked Run Beers

Photograph by Matt Leonard

If one is a double IPA fan for example, their Ronin might turn you into a badass samurai with the ability to seek vengeance with your katana! Or one might be able to feel the intensity of a Special Ops soldier on a rescue mission with a swig of the Commando, their Imperial American Pilsner.

As for Matt (Brewdoun’s Chief Flight Taster) and me, we decided to Seek Truth like knights at the round table with their Belgian Tripel. The bourbon barrel aged brew was full of divine malty character. Crooked Run features many rave-worthy IPA’s too. Radiant was a hoppy saison that nailed the bitter, citrus notes and Intemperate was another DIPA with a pleasant bite for lovers of hoppy, strong flavored brews.

Crooked Run Brewing, Sterling VA

The brewery also features live music at both locations (one in Sterling and one in Leesburg.) On July 22nd they will have their fourth year anniversary! Ten special beers will be on tap with commemorative glasses as well as a new can release. It starts at 11:30 in the morning and festivities go all day.

Crooked Run is dog friendly and family friendly with a patio at the Leesburg establishment and picnic benches in Sterling. The brewery has plans for a beer garden with lights, gravel, pavers, and additional seating in Sterling. The location also shares space with Senor Ramon Taqueria restaurant. Folks were enjoying everything from empanadas to mouthwatering tacos when Matt and I visited.

Brewdoun encourages folks to stop by Crooked Run Brewing and embrace a bit of the Romanticism ideology. Don’t just have a drink. Have an experience.

**A special thanks to Jake Endres for chatting with us on a busy Friday evening!

Jake Endres; Owner, Head Brewer
Lee Rogan; Owner, Head Brewer

22455 Davis Dr #120
Sterling, VA 20164

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