I’d like to take a quick moment to discuss my new neighbor, Round Hill’s first local brewery, B Chord Brewing Company.

When Matt Leonard (Brewdoun’s Chief Flight Taster) and I stopped by the location, it radiated both physical and personal warmth. Marty Dougherty made friendly conversation with us as we enjoyed a sample of brews created by their new Head Brewer, Favio Garcia. The Vienna Lager was malty and flavorful while the blonde ale was light, smooth, and crisp. The BChord IPA was an East Coast style IPA (think juicy and a tad sweet.) Make sure you try their stouts. B Chord has a style that manages to be simple, subdued, and positively elegant. The coffee stout was dry throughout with a coffee forward punch. The chocolate stout (featured at the LoCo Hangar Fest) was smooth, creamy, and delectably dry.

Eric Nyberg was around and gave me a brief tour of the swoon worthy property. While they complete finishing touches, Brewdoun encourages one to stop by and show your support. It will be quite difficult…you’ll have to drink delicious craft beer.

But suck it up, buttercup, and be a good pal.

I’m feeling particularly happy for me since I’m close enough to hitch a ride home on a friendly cow should I have one too many. Not that a classy gal like me would ever do such a thing.

An important side note: You always look fabulous at B Chord. When I popped in to use the facilities, I was informed “I looked great,” by a post-it note on their wall in lieu of a mirror.

Take your time on that construction, Eric. The beer is pouring, the scenery is beautiful, and according to B Chord, so are you!

34266 Williams Gap Rd, Round Hill, VA 20141 [cs_static_marker_map latlng=”39.1211091,-77.8246191″ width=”100%” height=”300px” zoom=”10″ map_style=”chilled”]