All About Lou.. er BREWdoun

BREWdoun Sign

No Signs were harmed in the making of this image- we promise!

Brewdoun (Brew merged with Loudoun) was founded to bring more visibility to the emerging craft brew scene in Loudoun County.

Loudoun has long been known as a place for wineries and currently has almost 40 of them within the county borders. We are based in the Purcellville / Round Hill area on the west end of the county and have seen and four breweries and a distillery pop up in the past 4-5 years, most in the past year! It seemed that almost every week there was news of a new brewery concept coming alive and really no resource to put the spotlight on Loudoun.

We hope you like the site, it is our intent to keep it minimal in appearance while doing our best to display the great things happening around Loudoun. Drop us a line if you have any thoughts or suggestions , we don’t bite!

If you see us in a local pub stop by and say hi, perhaps share a story or two about your experiences.

Matt Leonard

Matt Leonard

Chief Flight Taster

Matt is a Loudoun County Virginia craft beer enthusiast and digital marketer by trade.  Responsible for the day to day marketing, Matt also enjoys visiting the local breweries, cideries and distilleries to gather and report on the latest news.

Bonnie Leonard

Bonnie Leonard


Bonnie is a beer enthusiast / contributor to Brewdoun, local news outlets, and fiction author. You will find her frequently posting in-depth pieces about the Loudoun County breweries, cideries and distilleries that she visits.