Author: Bonnie Leonard

Vanish Farmwoods Brewery: No Adulting Allowed

Adulting 24 JULY, 2017 Farm Brewery There can only be one explanation for acting like a child at a grownup interview. When a brewery like Vanish makes the claim of being The Disneyland of Beer and then throws in a twelve flight-tasting sampler…well. Its just about all a girl can do to stop from busting into song while spinning on the hills. Of course, I did share it with my better half, the founder of, Matt Leonard. We sat down to speak with Tommy Skelly, Director of Marketing, Sales, and Taproom Operations of Vanish Farmwoods Brewery. He explained...

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Crooked Run: Brewing up Experiences

Brewing up experiences 19 JULY, 2017 Breweries With great risk, comes great reward but also at Crooked Run Brewing…with Strength and Honor, comes a top notch IPA. Jake Endres, co-owner of the establishment, applied for a hundred plus jobs without results before tossing his political science degree to the curb and embracing his inner entrepreneur. He met his partner, Lee Rogan, working in construction. Lee was positively instrumental in getting the operation smoothly launched in just three months. Two of the youngest brewers in Loudoun County, they struck out on their own after no one in the industry would...

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Black Walnut: Creating Bliss

Some great ideas can come to a fellow while drinking beer under the shade of walnut trees. When Patrick Wilt, owner of Black Walnut Brewery, first bought the location in the historic district of downtown Leesburg, it needed a lot of work. In the middle of doing renovations on the 1895 farming property, inspiration struck. What would happen if I brewed extra beer…maybe some neighbors would like to join me? His question was met with a resounding yes. It was a busy Saturday afternoon as Brewdoun dropped by for a visit. Children happily played while parents enjoyed cold brews....

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Barnhouse Brewery and “The Beer Guru”

Brewdoun riddle: What does a computer programmer plus avid beer enthusiast make? A genius beer creator, earning him the honorary nickname: The Beer Guru. We’d love to introduce Loudoun County to one of its best-kept secrets. Sorry citizens of Lucketts, but it’s time to share Roger Knoell and Barnhouse Brewery with the rest of us. Roger has been brewing for twenty years, gathering information from wherever he could find it. After listening to him for a while, I realized this guy was a hardcore beer nerd. Relevance? As a walking beer-encyclopedia, Roger makes damn good craft brews. Roger was...

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No Walls at Belly Love

Never mind the four tangible barriers surrounding them: there are no walls at Belly Love Brewing Company. After paying a visit to the location with Matt Leonard, founder of, I found myself asking: What is their secret? I got my answer as Katie Baki, co-owner and taproom manager, shared their story with me. Belly Love was an idea birthed between the couple (her husband, Tolga Baki, is the owner and head brewer.) Whenever things grew too tense between the pair, Katie suggested they touch bellies. How can one stay angry when participating in such a guileless gesture? It...

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